API для автоматической торговли фьючерсами

Мы предлагаем API для трейдеров, которым нужна автоматизация сделок. Язык очень прост и удобен, базируется на C#. Если Вам нужны данные возможности, свяжитесь с нами.

История изменений в программной среде

Changes since version 0.16.0

- add mode_t and tick callback for market mode
- remove case sensitivity from product
- remove get_dom(), add subscribe::SNAPSHOT flag to get current market depth
- by default subscribe_account() replays any open orders, use SNAPSHOT to get all orders
- remove list_pl(), replace with request_pl()
- remove list orders functions, replace with request_orders()
- add order::report::replay_t for replaying requested orders

Changes since version 0.15.1

- changed account_subscribe default to ALL
- changed arg::order::qty from unsigned to int
- add report events for UPDATE_FAIL CANCEL_FAIL
- add message() to report, to add human readble report detail where needed
- fixed chance of login error after login failed

Changes since version 0.15.0

- renamed order->open() to order->qty_opened()
- renamed order->filled() to order->qty_filled()
- renamed order->canceled() to order->qty_canceled()
- order update functions can now be called without argument to get current update value
- fix order->status() on orders not initiated from current connection
- fix issue causing list_* snapshot functions to sometimes erroneously come back empty
- disabled list_pl() so it doesn’t return anything — account_subscribe() now triggers any product_pl_t callbacks currently open on account

Changes since version 0.13.0

- account_subscribe() now fires account::profitloss_t callback if data is available
- fix login()/logout() bug
- add exchanges KCBT and MGEX
- fix order_t::filled(), order_t::canceled()
- fix order->reason() when canceled
- total volume is moved to tick::size
- rename windows library to libzenfire.lib to match linux version

Changes since version 0.12.0

- separate subscription flags further, added VOLUME and EXTREME
- rename list_orders() to list_open_orders(), add list_orders()
- various bug fixes

Changes since version 0.11.0

- add support for Live environment
- order_t: added action(), duration(), message(), context(), tag(), zentag()
- client_t: added list_exchanges()
- client_t: fix list_pl(), list_orders()
- tick: add daily trade volume, tick::volume_t
- arg::order: renamed usertag to zentag

Changes since version 0.10.0

- product_t: exchange is now an enum, it can be converted to and from a string
with the functions exchange::to_string() and exchange::from_string()
- client_t: renamed systems to environments
- client_t: renamed symbol_t to product_t
- client_t: renamed zenfire open and close functions to login and logout
- client_t: renamed systems to environments
- profitloss_t: combined buy_margin and sell_margin to just margin

Changes since version 0.9.0

- added order placement example
- moved order action and duration types from namespace zenfire::arg::order to
namespace zenfire::order
- removed default duration from all arg::order types
- made client and order objects noncopyable
- fixed client::create in windows so absolute paths can be used for cert path
- minor bug fixes


USA Markets

Только качественный клиринг от Vision. Открытие счетов у крупнейшего брокера США для клиентов из СНГ.


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